MTV Artist To Watch: Meet A Great Big World, Watch Them Perform 'Say Something' Live & Download 'I Really Want It' Free

Meet MTV Artist To Watch A Great Big World, watch the piano-pop duo perform "Say Something" and "Already Home" live, and more.

Say something to A Great Big World, like hi or hello.

Many artists wait around forever to get their big break. A Great Big World, meanwhile, has already had a few. Way, way back in 2013, the piano-pop duo's "This is the New Year" was covered on "Glee," and they've been on a crazy, Christina Aguilera-driven roller-coaster ride ever since.

The "Voice" diva hopped onto "Say Something" last November after A Great Big World's original had made it onto "So You Think You Can Dance." In case you missed it -- not likely -- the Xtina-fied version soared majestically into the Billboard top 10. Literally, her impact.

But, the band's super-sincere songs didn't come out of nowhere. Ian Axel was originally a budding solo artist while studying at NYU, where he met co-writer and ultimate bandmate Chad Vaccarino. The pair played shows with artists like Ingrid Michaelson and Five For Fighting, getting the word out one gig at a time.

Eventually, they funded a six-track EP all DIY-style on Kickstarter after facing a label setback. After relaunching as A Great Big World, the duo got their "Glee" opportunity, not to mention a record deal with Epic, who dropped their band's debut album in January.

Is There Anybody Out There? opens with a song called "Rockstar" and goes from there, channeling the pop smarts and unbeatable hooks of acts like fun. and Billy Joel. "I believe that love will find us there," Axel sings on "There Is An Answer," and it looks like thousands of fans have already made that discovery, too. Time to join 'em.

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Photo credit: Joseph Llanes