Nat & Alex Wolff Bless Your Ears With Folk-Pop 'Cities' & 'It's Just Love'

Listen to Nat & Alex Wolff's new songs, "Cities" and "It's Just Love."

Listen to brothers Nat and Alex's first new music in almost three years.

Although you might be familiar with brothers Nat & Alex Wolff from their starring roles on Nickelodeon's "The Naked Brothers Band" -- or Nat from his upcoming role in "The Fault In Our Stars" -- you've never quite heard them like this before. Their two new songs, "Cities" and "It's Just Love" (out Apr. 22) offer a folky, homespun sound that's a departure from the "18" singers' debut album, 2011's Black Sheep, in large part thanks to the tracks', erm, nakedness.

A meditation on what's expressed and what's not in relationships, "Cities" is also an exercise in layering and building a track for maximum emotional impact. The tune opens with a simple piano line, soon adding Nat's melody, some guitars, and Alex's harmonies. It's all done so subtly, though, that by the time the percussion hits near the end, you might just #NeedAMoment and have to clear the room.

"It's Just Love" keeps pace at a much quicker, country-folk tempo, with Alex taking the lead: "Do you look at our hands and see that increase/ From my trembling hand that cannot be released/ Nothing's wrong/ It's just love." Really sums up that "WAIT, THIS IS THE BEST" feeling you get when you first realize you're falling in love, huh?

There's also a singsong quality to it that brings to mind everyone from MisterWives (can you IMAGINE the joint jam session?!) to Passenger. Don't the simplicity fool you, though. Much like Passenger sings on "Whispers," all Nat and Alex need is a whisper in a world that only shouts.

+ Listen to Nat & Alex Wolff's "Cities" and "It's Just Love" at, pre-order "Cities" and "It's Just Love" on iTunes, and stay tuned for more music from the guys.

Photo credit: Saddleup Records