Why We Love Cardiknox's Song Of The Summer Front-Runner, 'Wasted Youth'

Listen to Cardiknox's new song, "Wasted Youth."

Take your ears to '80s-pop heaven with Cardiknox's new song.

It's almost that time of year when we start accepting applications for the official Song of the Summer. While it's still early, we've got a pretty good feeling that "Wasted Youth" by New York City duo Cardiknox will definitely be a contender.

It's got the sing-along hook we crave, plus tons of losing-it-on-the-dance-floor potential. It basically pushes all the right buttons to make our summertime throwdown mixtape dreams come true.

If Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton's previous song, "Technicolor Dreaming," comes from the scene in every '80s movie where a plucky duo overcomes the odds and saves the rec center from the evil tycoon or whatever, then "Wasted Youth" is the joyous denouement that follows, when everyone learns to have fun again.

"Mama I can't fill these shoes/ Someday I'll be thankful of my wasted youth," Angle sings, sounding like a mix between Icona Pop and Sky Ferreira with an electro-pop/dub jones -- or, maybe just a dude friend to join in on their joint cry session.

While we appreciate the sentiment in those lyrics, it doesn't really seem like it applies here. Thus far, they've only released a couple of songs together as Cardiknox, and everyone is already going bonkers for the group as they wrap a tour with Betty Who.

Cardiknox are set to play Lollapalooza this summer, and they've had their music played on "The Real World," "Teen Wolf," and "Scrubbing In." So, Lonnie, it's looks like someday you'll be thankful for your successful youth.

+ Listen to Cardinknox's "Wasted Youth."

Photo credit: Jared Chambers