OMG! Li’l Kid Janelle Monae Was Just As Adorable As You’d Expect

Janelle Monáe’s #TBT is so cute, it might actually be dangerous to your health.

Because one adorable #TBT photo is never enough, COVERGIRL beauty and woman you wish had babysat you before she was famous so she’d HAVE to answer your calls Janelle Monáe has #blessed us with a weep-inducingly cute “#Throwitbackden” Instagram where she recreates a picture of herself as a kid.

What Is Love“? Um, how about THIS. Is anyone else surprised to learn that the “Q.U.E.E.N.” singer was serving up #covermoment after #covermoment even in her P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S. days? Nope? No one? Cool.

There’s just one thing that’s troubling us about this exploration in Throwback Thursday twinsie-ness. We actually can’t decide which Janelle Monáe is cuter: the Janelle we know and Stan for from 2014 or her kiddie self from somewhere in the ’89 to ’93 range, we wanna say? At least if those big, floofy bangs and side-pony are anything to go by. #LivedThroughThat

OK, after a lot of careful deliberation, we choose grown-up Janelle. No, bb Monáe! No, wait — ARRGH!!!! We’re, like, Natalie Imbruglia-levels of “Torn” over here! We. Just. Can’t. Decide. Feelings. Imploding. BRAIN. EXPLODING.

Wait, this is dumb. Why do we have to choose? Janelle Monae is adorable, awesome, and flawless today, and so was her childhood mini version. (And by the transitive property of #science, so was her childhood self’s hologram.) End of discussion! Now, does anyone know how to un-explode a brain? Asking for a friend.

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Photo credit: Janelle Monáe’s Instagram / GIF: swerdsi’s DeviantArt

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