Justin Bieber Asks SOMEONE 'Don't You Know Me Anymore'

Justin Bieber asks "Don't you know me anymore" in new Instagram photo.

Let's have a totally one-sided conversation with Justin Bieber.

Not to get all dramatic, but the caption on Justin Bieber's latest Instagram photo ("Don't you know me anymore") has literally left us scrambling for answers.

Like, we thought we DID know you, JB! We know every single one of your tattoos, the measurements of each of your rippling abs right down to the millimeter, and even what your flawless bed head looks like. What more can we do to prove that we know you?!

Is this why you still haven't invited us to come along for a pleasure cruise aboard the "Never Say Never"?! Yep, STILL SEETHING OVER THAT CARELESS SNUB.

Wait... What what if the "Confident" singer isn't even talking to us? Then, who is this question directed at, Justin? Is it the same person who might be "too high maintenance" for you? Or maybe you're asking... YOURSELF?! #Deep

Speaking of which, did you take this picture, or is there someone elese behind the camera? (*cough* Selena Gomez *cough*) Is that a candle for a romantic dinner for two? Is there someone cuddled up behind you in the shadowy recesses of that couch? Most importantly, WHERE IS LIL ZA IN ALL THIS?!

So many questions, literally zero answers. Fine. It's cool. We'll respect your privacy, Justin, but, uh, could you at least invite us aboard your yacht plz? Thx!

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram