Ariana Grande's Mommy & Me #TBT: How We Feel Beyond 'I CAN'T'

Check out Ariana Grande's facepaint #TBT photo with her mom.

We love the way Ariana Grande makes our hearts burst with cuteness.

In what might be the least shocking news of the century thus far, noted adorable person Ariana Grande revealed that she was also a really, really, ridiculously cute child. Let's take a sec to count all the jaws dropping... Aaaaand NONE.

Seriously, just check out this Throwback Thursday photo with her mom that the "Problem" singer uploaded to Instagram. The little face! The whimsical face paint! The PALPABLE bond of maternal affection! There's just too much cute to handle in this Mommy & Me #TBT, but we're going to try to explain what we feel beyond our usual "I CAN'T."

Maybe it's just the face-painted critters up there, but it feels like a metaphorical herd of field mice and pink-maned unicorns are scurrying and galloping, respectively, through our stomachs. Meanwhile, the butterflies that usually reside there have utterly gagged, dropping to our spleens to sing Ariana and her mommy's praises in a flawless, four-part contralto.

Like, this photo is so sweet, that we're well past the point of it giving us a cavity. Forget our teeth, we think our internal organs are slowly morphing into Marshmallow Peeps. Well, at least that's Easter-appropriate.

+ We've definitely gotta add this photo to our "12 Things We Love About Ariana Grande (In 1 Minute)" video.

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram