TMI, But Our Fave Part Of Jared Leto’s Insane Outfit Is…

Jared Leto wears the entire Urban Outfitters clearance rack, and we’re not mad.

When Jared Leto’s¬†not busy crafting lyric-video love letters to the Echelon (see “Bright Lights“), the Thirty Seconds To Mars¬†frontman’s writing love letters for OUR EYES on Instagram. Case in point, this latest photo of Jare-bear, which is obviously so fashion-forward that we all need to take a seat to process it.

There’s clearly a lot to unpack in the MTV Movie Award winner’s getup, so we’ll just let Jared explain it himself: “Hawaiian shirt. Thai boxing shorts. Space tights. #weirdbutcomfy.”

Tropical-print top? Check. Southeast-Asian athletic attire? Check. Intergalactic, form-fitting bottoms? Check. Weirdly comfortable yet comfortably weird? CHECK. Um, except we feel like the “Do Or Die” singer left out one of his outfit’s most crucial elements: DEM NIPS!!!!

I’m thinking it. You’re thinking it. We’re all thinking it. Now, we’re off to go Zazzle this image onto a t-shirt, which we are DEFINITELY not going to use to dress our Jared Leto body pillow that we DEFINITELY don’t own.

Photo credit: Jared Leto’s Instagram / GIF: E Online