Austin Mahone Is Shirtless In The Rain, And THIS IS NOT A DRILL


What year is it? Who’s the president again? Is this heaven? Sorry, we just got ALL THE VAPORS after seeing this super-wet, super-hot photo that Austin Mahone posted on Instagram, and now we can’t remember our names, birthdays, or phone numbers. Don’t even care.

Along with gifting us with this hormonal explosion of a photo, the “MMM Yeah” singer seems to have given us a sneak peek at a new game he’s invented — at least that’s what we’re assuming by the caption. IDK, “water ball” looks like regular ol’ soccer in the rain to us, but again, we’re not in a stable enough mind set right now to understand very much.

I mean, can you even handle the King of Shirtless Selfies’ latest offering? NO, YOU CANNOT. Don’t panic, though, because we’ve developed a four-step drill to help you brace for this photo’s impact.

1.) Gird thy loins.

2.) Find a soft landing spot.

3.) Sing “It’s Raining Men” because OBVS.

4. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Austin Mahone’s Instagram / GIFs: Fandom Secrets’ LiveJournal, Beau Velvet’s Tumblr,, eblunts’ Tumblr

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