Cody Simpson's 'Surfboard' Video Totally Makes Up For 'DWTS' Elimination

Watch Cody Simpson's "Surfboard" video.

Cody Simpson hangs ten with a steamy plus one. 

After Cody Simpson's unexpected "Dancing With The Stars" elimination last night, the Australian singer-songwriter's new video for "Surfboard" is exactly what we needed. The rising tides of sexiness are just an added bonus!

The clip begins innocently enough: Cody's working on perfecting his board while a television plays an image of him rocking some sweet '50s attire. Then, Sports Illustrated model Gigi Hadid enters, the "She on my surfboard-board-board-board" chorus kicks in, and HELLOOOOO sexy times.

Like we said when we first heard the track, we're totally here for the surfboard similarities between Cody's song and Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love." Anything that gets us grainin' on that wood is OK by us.

Watch Cody Simpson's "Surfboard" video.

Oh, and one quick thing: Cody is NEVER shirtless in the video -- not once. To which we say, WHAT?!?! WHY???? After all that sexy songwriting, you dare deprive us of your abs?! You're lucky we got a good peek at your rippling arms during that "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" samba on "DWTS" last night...

+ Watch Cody Simpson's "Surfboard" video, and check out Cody Simpson's "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" routine from "Dancing With The Stars."

Photo credit: Columbia Atlantic / GIF: MTV