Selena, Kylie & Kendall? Um, Can We Join Your Coachella Girl Gang?

Let us in your Coachella photo circle, u guise! 

When you look up “Fear Of Missing Out” disorder on WebMD, Selena Gomez’s Instagram photos from Coachella with new BFFs Kylie and Kendall Jenner appear with our faces Photoshopped into the corner, weeping. OK, not really, but still! The #FOMO is real.

The “Slow Down” singer joined the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” stars at the California music festival and basically made their own “Grease“-style group of Pink Ladies. Cutoffs and crop tops are the new satin jackets and tight skirts — pass it on! Related: LET US IN, GUYS! We’ll do anything to join your girl gang.

The baddest girls at Rydell High Coachella.

What do we have to do to roll with these gals? Rat our hair? Ditch third period? There are worse things we could do, and we’ll do those, too! Whatever it takes to pose in front of a giant mountain and junk.

Psssst, we’re wondering if Selendie & Co. caught Kenickie Justin Bieber’s surprise Coachella performance with Chance The Rapper? Hmmm? Anyone know? While we wait, let’s do some fantasy “Grease” casting. If JB’s Kenickie, that would make Selena queen Rizzo, which we guess would make us… Patty Simcox?


It’s cool. We’ll just be over here hanging out with Principal McGee, refreshing Selena’s Instagram feed.

Photo credit: Selena Gomez’s Instagram / GIFs: Giphy, What Should Theater Call Me’s Tumblr

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