Lana Del Rey's 'West Coast' Makes Them Good Girls Go Bad

Listen to Lana Del Rey's new song, "West Coast."

Ooooh, Lana, ooooh, Lana, we're in love.

"Down on the West Coast/ We got a saying," Lana Del Rey coos all sultry-like on "West Coast," the lead Ultraviolence single that she premiered over the weekend at Coachella. Oh, yeah? Well, down on the East Coast, we got a saying, too, and that's yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, Queen Lana. SLAYYYYYYYY, QUEEN LANA. (Pretty sure it's Dutch origin.)

Barely piercing through an electric haze, the "Once Upon A Dream" songstress conjures up her signature motifs of bad boys and young love alongside a steady three-piece accompaniment. Once the chorus kicks in, everything slows down and warps as we enter full-on Lana fantasy mode.

Switching from the vocal depth of "Blue Velvet" to her "Off To The Races" upper register, Lana sings: "I can see my baby swingin'/ His Parliaments on fire, and his hands are up/ On the balcony and I'm singin'/ Ooh, baby, ooh, baby, I'm in love."

The audio also comes packaged with an appropriately moody visual, looping the same black and white beach scene over and over and over. The pain! The pleasure! The isolation! The rebellion! It's everything your parents warned you about, and we are fully channeling our inner Traci Lords in "Cry-Baby" over it.

Listen to Lana Del Rey's new song, "West Coast."

+ Listen to Lana Del Rey's "West Coast."

Photo credit: Polydor / GIF: Giphy