Watch Katy Perry Arm-Wrestle MTV Movie Awards Host Conan O’Brien Into Submission

Conan O’Brien heard the mighty “Roar” of Katy Perry’s arm at the MTV Movie Awards.

From Nicki Minaj offering up her, um, “bongos” to Matthew McConaughey to Queen Rihanna’s phlawless performance with Eminem (Hmmm, do we think it’s “crazy”? Well, that’s not fair…), so much crazy ish went down at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards last night.

But, perhaps the kuh-RAZIEST moment goes to host Conan O’Brien’s celebrity-studded Movie Awards opener, which featured cameos from 50 49 of the world’s biggest stars and also Tom Arnold. It’s a tough call, but our most favorite part of all has gotta be when a green-haired Katy Perry totally rips Coco a new one while arm-wrestling!

Allow us to preserve this historic moment in “girls rule, boys drool” history with a series of commemorative GIFs, and watch the full video clip below. #Protip: It’s best enjoyed while listening to “Birthday,” or maybe “Roar” mashed up with an Irish jig.

#TeamKaty #SorryNotSorry

+ Watch Katy Perry arm-wrestle Conan O’Brien in the 2014 MTV Movie Awards opener.

Photo credit: MTV / GIFs: MTV

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