7 Firm Reminders Of Jared Leto’s Blatant MTV Movie Awards Flawlessness

Here’s your Jared Leto Awards obsession post. World? You’re welcome.

We think we speak for everyone when we say that Jared Leto should be celebrated, idolized, and drooled over every single second of every single day. (It’s, like, a law or something.) Obviously, we left the 2014 MTV Movie Awards with more than enough material to obsess over — at least for the night.

In between trying to decide which strand of the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman’s flawless locks of hair is our favorite (still debating) and counting the twinkles gleaming in his eyes (we’ve counted seventy billion, so far), we somehow found the time to gather together our favorite Jared moments from the ceremony.

The fact that we needed a place to store all of these photos, GIFs, and videos before we add them to our flawlessly curated Tumblr shrine later is just an added bonus. Two birds, one stone!

1.) When Jared arrived at the Movie Awards via helicopter because limos are for peasants.

Embedded from instagram.com.