Rihanna’s Most Phlawless MTV Movie Awards Moments

Watch Rihanna’s MTV Movie Awards performance with Eminem!

From the completely on-point live vocals to that fear-inducing “FEAR” headband, Rihanna’s performance of “The Monster” with Eminem at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards was, in a word, flawless. No, wait! It wasn’t just flawless — it was PHLAWLESS. Stick that in your pipe and remember to forget it. #PhuckYoSpelling

Want us to break it down even further? WITH PLEASURE. Below, we’ve got the seven greatest moments from Rihanna’s Movie Awards night, each illustrated by an appropriately phlawless photo or GIF. We’ve Rih-lly been waiting all night for someone to ask us to let our obsessed flag fly over this. Thank you.

1.) When Rihanna slayed those opening riffs.

2.) When you fully processed Rihanna’s “FEAR” headband for the first time.

3.) When you imagined a world where Rihanna has her own line of sleepwear inspired by this ensemble. Just us?

4.) When Rihanna first hit those high “Oooh” notes.

5.) When Rihanna and Eminem hugged it out.

6.) Oh, duh! How about Rihanna’s robe on the red carpet?

7.) And also when THIIIIIIS.

+ Watch Rihanna and Eminem perform “The Monster” at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIFs: MTV

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