Sia's 'Chandelier' Lyric Video: It's Hard Out Here For A Wig

Watch Sia's new lyric video for "Chandelier."

Sia gives "Chandelier" an unexpectedly whimsical visual.

OK, so semi-serious #LatePass and all, but have you seen the "Chandelier" lyric video that Sia released earlier this week? Considering how "real" the song gets exploring the dark side of the party-girl lifestyle, we didn't expect to see something as whimsical as a disembodied wig and a pair of red Converses hopping around New York City, but whatever -- we're here for it.

The Scantron-directed clip opens on the blonde bob in question waking up in a disheveled bedroom. (Give her a break! SHE DOESN'T HAVE HANDS.) Following a #ShameSpiral flashback to the night before, she promptly makes her way to the nearest bar to act out the song's memorable "One, two, three/ One, two, three drink" hook.

Once inebriated, the "Battle Cry" singer's stand-in seems to lose track of time and space -- one second she's chugging out of a paper bag under the BQE, the next she's swinging around subway cars in Uptown Manhattan, eventually winding up back in Brooklyn on a semi-private rooftop overlooking Fort Greene Park. (The real-estate envy, BWARGH.)

As the lyric video closes, Sia hands off the wig to another body-less being. Not sure we've nailed what she's trying to say, but the whole feeling disconnected/craving constant stimulation to distract from your troubles is definitely resonating. Remember to wear your responsible wigs tonight, kids!

+ Watch Sia's "Chandelier" lyric video.

Photo credit: Monkey Puzzle Records