Hoodlem's Cover Of *NSYNC's 'Girlfriend' Is Your Official #FBF Jam

Listen to Hoodlem's cover of *NSYNC's "Girlfriend."

Ooooooh, this takes us back.

Obviously, we'd give ANYTHING for a second *NSYNC reunion. Their reunion at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards only made us want MOAR! (And yes, we're still very much reeling over Ryan Seacrest's cruel April Fool's Day prank. YOU DO NOT JOKE ABOUT THESE THINGS.)

Alas, even if we can't get the original fivesome back together permanently, at least we have Hoodlem's incredible interpretation of the boy band's smash hit off of 2001's Celebrity, "Girlfriend." It's the Flashback Friday gift that keeps on giving!

Hollowing out the song's funky, pre-solo Justin Timberlake groove, the Aussie outfit cut the groovy guitar licks short and toss in hazy synths, sparse drums, and blink-and-you'll-miss-it flourishes of piano instead.

The haunting vocal delivery? That's probably the closest we'll ever get to hearing Lorde cover a boy band. (Unless... #CrossesFingers) And, watch out for that brief sample of JT's "Señorita" during the bridge -- it truly remains ***flawless to this day.

A full twelve (!) years later, we're all a little older, yet "Girlfriend" has never sounded so fresh. Now, go ahead and start Googling photos of JT with that ramen hair from back in the day. We know you want to.

+ Listen to Hoodlem's cover of *NSYNC's "Girlfriend."

Photo credit: Jive, Hoodlem