Blood Orange Serves Hometown Nostalgia In 'Uncle ACE (Kindness Remix)' Video

Watch Blood Orange's new video for "Uncle ACE (Kindness remix)" featuring Robert Owens.

Watch Blood Orange peel back another layer in the "Uncle ACE" remix video.

For a song as devilishly funky as Blood Orange's "Uncle ACE," you might expect the video to feature a party, or at least a race through the city streets at night. But in the clip for the track's remix, we're given pretty much the exact opposite.

Kindness, aka U.K. producer and DJ Adam Bainbridge, has transformed the song off of Cupid Deluxe from a guitar-focused funk bounce to a complexly moody, atmospheric trip. Adding a vocal track from Robert Owens, a staple of '80s Chicago house, ups the romance quotient considerably.

Much like the clip for "Chamakay," "Uncle ACE (Kindness Remix)" invites us into the life and personal history of Blood Orange's Devonté Hynes. This time, Hynes takes us on a slow, pensive day trip through a low-key British town -- the one where he grew up, actually.

Directed by Kindness, the video asks a series of questionnaire prompts, like "Did your hometown influence the adult you became?" and "Did you have other interests as a teenager?"

The questions aren't really answered, exactly, but they do complement visuals of Hynes, Kindness, and Owens exploring the quaint locale pretty nicely. (Shout-out to the semi-disinterested game of pass Dev and Kindness play at one point.) It's all a good reminder that even those of us who ascend to the top of the music game still come from a relatable place, and those roots never really go away.

+ Watch Blood Orange's "Uncle ACE (Kindness Remix)" video featuring Robert Owens.

Photo credit: Domino Recording Co, Ltd