Don’t Miley Cyrus’ Topless #FBF Haircut Photos Remind You Of A Simpler Time?

Flashback Friday! Here’s Miley Cyrus chopping off all her hair in 2012. 

We’d have been shocked by Miley Cyrus’ topless Instagram photos if it were still, like, a few years ago, but now? We don’t even twerk an eyelash at these never-before-seen pics from the “Adore You” singer’s game-changing pixie haircut from 2012.

Apparently intending the shots for Throwback Thursday, Miley posted them past the stroke of midnight, noting: “which means it’s technically #FBF #selfieoverload #iphonestorageatfullcapacity #goingthrudeletingsh** #akastrollingdownmemorylane.”

Smartphone storage issues aside, WHY WOULD YOU DELETE THESE?! Doesn’t the Smithsonian have a Flashback Friday wing yet? No? Get Washington on the phone.

Not a tongue in sight.

This whole “peek behind the haircut” photo set reminds us of a simpler, less Bangerz-y time — before the tongue, before the weed onesie, and, of course, before the twerking. We were so young, so innocent back then, so… Boring. Thanks, Miley! We owe you one.

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus’ Instagram