Cher Lloyd's 'Human': The Brat-Pop Princess Lets Down Her Guard

Listen to Cher Lloyd's new song, "Human."

This might be Cher's most vulnerable moment to date!

After literally (OK, figuratively) throwing us in a barrel with a bunch of ornery scorpions, nailing the lid shut, and tossing us over the edge of Niagara Falls with the fast and frenetic "Dirty Love," Cher Lloyd has pulled a total 180 with her newest song, "Human," a ballad about how even the strongest among us get weighed down by harsh circumstances.

Jeez, anyone got the number for one of those ambulance-chasing lawyers you see on subway ads? 'Cause we've kinda got emotional whiplash. Still, WE PERSEVERE!

Explaining that she can't always be the superwoman people want her to be, the "Sirens" singer belts out on the chorus: "Everything you see that glitter's isn't always gold/ Everything you think is perfect isn't always so/ Many times, many times I would've let my feelings show... You know I'm just human, human, human after all."

We know, bb! We know. It's just kinda hard to remember sometimes. You know what? Go ahead and change the title of your sophomore album, Sorry I'm Late, to just I'm Late. No apologies necessary!

(BTW, that deep-contralto trail-off on "let my feelings show"? It's majorly reminding us of another famous Cher, and we are completely here for it.)

+ Listen to Cher Lloyd's "Human" at, and pre-order Sorry I’m Late on iTunes!

Photo credit: Epic