Charli XCX's 'Boom Clap': Anthemic Pop Gets #Dark

Listen to Charli XCX's new song, "Boom Clap."

Charli XCX slays the gloom-pop game with her infectious new track, "Boom Clap."

Like a haze of violet fog rolling in over the English hillside at nightfall, Charli XCX has returned! After that acerbic cover of "Allergic To Love" and the rock-edged "Breaking Up" tease at SXSW, the loudest little princess in gloom-pop takes a turn for the New Wave on the low-key, yet surprisingly anthemic "Boom Clap."

A cut off of the soundtrack for upcoming film "The Fault In Our Stars," the track opens ambiently enough, with the "Fancy" singer lying low over a river of slithering synth and '80s-throwback percussion. Are we wrong for getting "Voices Carry" flashbacks? (Short answer: NO. NEVER.) Either way, our bodies are ready.

Anyway, say goodbye to the mellow mood that's been established, because the chorus is about to bust it right down. "Boom, clap, the sound of my heart/ The beat goes on and on and on and on and," Charli shouts at the top of her lungs. It's the kind of infectious chorus that will make you wanna stomp/clap along with it, preferably while wearing a some platform sneakers for added oomph. (Here, we've got a few pairs lying around.)

Finding true romance may be difficult, but waiting for Charli XCX's follow-up sophomore album to come out is, like, a ba-jillion times harder. (We think Oscar Wilde said that????) If "Boom Clap" is a good indication of what's in store, though, we'll be patient.

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Photo credit: Dan Curwin