Beyonce Played Golf In A Bikini On, Like, Secret Celebrity Vacation Island

Check out these vacation photos of Beyonce playing golf.

Actually what we see when we close our eyes. 

From the looks of Beyoncé's latest Instagram photos, she's still busy living her #bestlife on vacation now that "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" is complete. Somehow, in between taking flawless selfies and planning world domination with husband Jay Z over a glass of wine, she STILL finds the time to hit a couple holes of golf.

Anyone else feel like the "Partition" singer needs some R&R pointers? Like, obviously do you, Bey, but maybe take a sec to sit down, take a nap, knit something, scrapbook your perfect family members while lounging in a pool chair -- you know! You've pretty much earned it.

Check out these vacation photos of Beyonce playing golf.

C'mon, Bey, sink a birdie!

Anyway, we also love how Beyoncé totally ditched your average golf-course casual (pleated pants, preppy polos, those visors that literally NO ONE EVER looks good in), opting for a bikini instead.

Then again, by the looks of these photos, it appears as if the course might be in her vacation home's backyard, so if you do have a problem with Bey living her #bestlife ever, you can go stick your head in that sand trap over there.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram

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