We’d Never Say Never To Justin Bieber’s Shirtless Pleasure Cruise

AHOY, Justin Bieber’s shirtless photo! How you doin’?

OMFG, have you seen that new photo that Justin Bieber posted on Instagram where he’s casually lounging shirtless on a boat? Because JUSTIN BIEBER. SHIRTLESS. ON A BOAT. Sorry, it’s really hard to type full sentences when your arms are flailing like a Muppet out of excitement.

Seriously, we can’t even compute all of the “Confident” singer’s babeliness at once. Like, our eyes can’t decide what to focus on — Justin’s many tattoos, his rippling abs, his adorably concerned-looking eyebrows, the available lounge chair next to him that clearly has our name written all over it. This is basically what we look like right now:

Anyway, it looks like Justin was taking a break from hitting the studio (possibly with Selena Gomez!) to soak up some Miami sun on a luxurious-looking boat aptly named the “Never Say Never.”

You’re probably wondering why the Biebs is staring at his cell phone instead of going full-on R&R with a nap. Well, that’s because he was texting us to fly down and climb aboard! BRB, sobbing over how not true that explanation is…

Where’s the sign-up for Justin’s boat cruise?? 

Photo credit: @justinbieber / GIFs: McPhee.com, WiffleGif