Open Air Stereo's 'Damned' Video Is Your New Inspo For Everything

Watch Open Air Stereo's new video for "Damned."

Watch Open Air Stereo's new clip to be mega-inspired.

If Open Air Stereo's "Damned" wasn't already your IDGAF/Haterz Gonna Hate anthem, then we're pretty sure that the pop-rockers' new video for the Primates track will seal the deal.

In the Devin DeHaven-directed clip, the SoCal four-piece tackles the song's lyrical content about facing life's harshest challenges head-on by lounging around all day at a 5-star spa getting all "Survivor" on us in the driest of desert climates.

As shots of a beautiful woman driving solo down the dusty landscape flash by, lead singer Chase Johnson (from "Laguna Beach"? YAAAAS!!!!) belts out empowering maxims like: "I'm gonna do whatever I want." Meanwhile, his fellow bandmates rock out behind him as the sun beats down above them without ever looking like they're sweating at all. Now, THAT'S inspiring.

Much like the song, this video's gonna make you wanna stand up, put on pants, and get ish done -- preferably in that order. Missed that memo? Then watch it again with a big glass of water nearby because is anyone else suddenly really, really thirsty?

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