Ariana Grande's New Lyric Video's A Swirling, Peppermint Dream

Check out this still from Ariana Grande's new lyric video.

What you are seeing is not a joke, Arianators.

While most of us were resting our peasant eyes, scientifically confirmed flawless angel Ariana Grande took to Instagram to tease what look to be a few stills from the lyric video for the first single off of her next album. You know what that means? Today officially belongs to the Arianators, so all other fan armies can take a stadium full o' seats. #BRACE #FOR #HATE #TWEETS

Maybe it's because we played a solo game of Candy Land this morning before showering, but are we the only ones getting some major peppermint-swirl vibes off of the "Right There" singer's photo? IDK, Queen Frostine says she's seeing it, too. #BoutThatSadLyfe

Do you think the track could be "My Everything," "They Don't Understand," or one of the other two songs Ariana teased during that livestream in March? If not that, then maybe it's that "A Little Bit Of My Heart" number that the ASCAP lists as co-written by One Direction's resident swirly-haired mega-babe, Harry Styles?

Either way, can you even? No, you cannot. If you need us, we'll be weep-hollerin' like we've never weep-hollered before, and we won't stop until the clock strikes midnight. Good day.

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram