Beyonce & Jay Z’s Plans For World Domination — REVEALED!

Hey, Bey and Jay! Wanna trade lives? C’MON.

So, we were just casually refreshing Beyoncé’s Tumblr, cataloging her every digital footprint — as one does — when suddenly this new vacation photo of her and Jay Z appeared. How romantic and relaxing is this? The natural beauty! The feet up! The glass of Pinot! Anyone else just come down with a serious case of #IWantToGoToThere?

Like a game of “Mad Libs: BeyHive Edition,” we tried to figure out what the “Partition” singer and her husband were saying. After work-shopping through a bunch of other options, we settled on a “Pinky & The Brain“-inspired exchange, as expressed in the following GIFs. World domination? What better for the Out Power Issue cover girl, amirite?

Photo credit: Beyoncé’s Tumblr / GIFs: MTV