Ariana Grande Got A Dog Hug, Which Is Better Than A Human Hug Because Dog

Ariana Grande got hugged by her dog, and it's the cutest Instagram photo ever.

Dog hugs might actually be the best thing ever. Full stop. The end.

What's that? Your dog can roll over? #CoolStoryBro, 'cause Ariana Grande's dog can HUG HER LIKE A HUMAN BEING.

Seriously! This Instagram photo isn't from some "Muppets Most Wanted" meet-and-greet that the noted lollipop and motorcycle enthusiast scored an invite to. This is actually one of Ariana's dogs, Ophelia, serving up the sweetest-looking embrace ever. The caption? "Mush." BRB, 'cause we CAN'T with this cuteness.

OK, OK, adorbz-ness aside, can we talk about how this picture kinda looks like it's a selfie that Ophelia took with her very own paw? That's not that far-fetched a theory, though, right? Ariana is, like, the QUEEN of flawless selfies, after all.

But, wait... How did Ms. Ophelia manage to snap the pic (much less select that Inkwell filter) with her floppy li'l paws?  I mean, we have a hard enough time hitting the right buttons, and we've got, um, human fingers. (Thank God for autocorrect.) Can someone please look into this? We really want #DogSelfies to be a thing.

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram