Madison Beer Hung Out With Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber? Cue Feelings!

These photos are hitting us right in the feels.

Sweet, merciful Beysus, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez might very well have been hanging out in the recording studio last night, and it’s all thanks to the “Hold Tight” crooner’s protégé, Madison Beer.

Um, how long is Justin Bieber’s protégé wait-list exactly?!?! We needs on it. NOW.

Sure, there’s about a five-hour time difference between when these two photos up top were posted on Instagram and there are no pictures of the Biebs and Selena sharing the same frame, but, um…

What are you, new? Besides, as the truest detectives this side of your friend’s parent’s HBO Go password (remember when we solved the case of Nathan Sykes’ sleepover with Ariana Grande’s dog?), we feel pretty confident about connecting these dots.

Wait, but why do you think they were all hitting up the recording studio. Do you think that #Jelena were laying down some featured vocals on some completely fictional track called “Have You Everrrr Heard Such Beautiful Soooounds (No, You Have Not)”??

And, what if Austin Mahone’s involved on this baby, too???? Remember those photos of him and Justin in the studio together? This could be happening — BRACE FOR EMOTIONAL IMPACT!!!!

Or… Maybe Justin and Selena were just there at different times to lend the “Melodies” singer some moral support and never actually crossed paths. BRB, pouting in the corner forever.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber’s Instagram, Tracie Beer’s Instagram, @justinbieber / GIFs: WiffleGif, CeleBuzz, mrwgifs, gifwave