Danny Brown Dives Deep Into Troubled Past In '25 Bucks' Video

Watch MTV Artist To Watch Danny Brown's new "25 Bucks" video featuring Purity Ring.

Watch Danny Brown get more personal than ever in his new clip.

In Danny Brown's new video for "25 Bucks" featuring Purity Ring, the MTV Artist To Watch ditches the insane, "Dip"-style visuals and left-of-center fashions in favor of telling a brutally honest, intensely personal story. OK, so there are some cool special effects and he still looks fly as hell, but Danny's skill as a storyteller is still what's front and center here.

Like in "Dope Song," the rapper returns to his hometown of Detroit, this time rewinding all the way back to his youth. While he and Purity Ring's Megan James wander through his childhood home like a couple of specters, Danny talks about the pressures put on him by a system that wants to see him "dead or locked in a prison."

A particular focus is placed upon what he imagines his mother felt on a daily basis, a perspective he can only fully grasp now that he's a, er, grown-up -- no pun intended.

Hopping from tableau to frozen tableau, Danny breaks down the track's central question: "If you really wonder why these people got issues/ 'Cause the rent owed and the f***ing lights due." You've really got to applaud Danny for daring to get so personal and honest -- that may be his boldest, most attention-grabbing move yet.

+ Watch Danny Brown's "25 Bucks" video featuring Purity Ring.

Photo credit: Fool's Gold Records