Joe Jonas Fulfills Our Dream Of Meeting An Actual Bird-Dog

Joe Jonas and his bird dog.

Hey, Joe, does that thing squawk or bark? We need answers. 

Does anyone know a good bird-dog breeder? Because we want our very own flying, feathered pug-hawk like the one Joe Jonas is hanging out with in this Instagram photo. Thx in advance!

Wait, what?? These don't actually exist IRL?! Oh, that's right -- such a hybrid species is impossible because, um, science. (We probs should have paid better attention in Bio, but we had so many "Marry me, Joe Jonas!" doodles to scribble in our notebook. #priorities)

Is it that crazy that we were thrown off by the Scene magazine cover boy's obviously Photoshopped picture for a sec? It's a known (or possibly made-up) fact that famous mega-babes get all the latest innovations before we normal people do.

Ugh, fine. We'll give up the bird-dog (for now), but you can pry our geep (that's a goat-sheep hybrid) hopes and dreams from our cold, dead, weird animal-obsessed fingers.

Photo credit: Joe Jonas' Instagram