Girls' Generation Drag Fake Justin Timberlakes On 'Cheap Creeper'

Listen to Girls' Generation's "Make Your Move" soundtrack addition, "Cheap Creeper."

Girls' Generation's "Make Your Move" track is amazingly scathing.

You know how "Make Your Move" -- the dance movie coming out on Apr. 18 that stars K-Pop diva BoA and Derek Hough from "Dancing With The Stars" -- kinda sounds like something you dreamed up because it's almost too random and amazing to actually exist? Well, IT'S REAL, and so is Girls' Generation banger of a soundtrack addition, "Cheap Creeper."

Over an unrelenting synth pulse reminiscent of Britney Spears' "Womanizer," the "Mr.Mr." singers smoothly drop burn after scathing burn on the stingy pickup artist wannabes in their sights. And oh, are they delicious.

While "You're acting like a Justin Timberlake/ When all you are is just a faker, livin' with your mommy" clocks in at a close second on our list of favorite "Cheap Creeper" lyrics, we've gotta give it up for the song's most searing takedown: "You drive an Audi that you rented from Alamo/ You got the hookup form your cousin who's the regional manager on weekdays."

Like, that hilariously detailed, painfully specific sh** doesn't even rhyme, but we are LIVING. If you need us, we'll be stepping up 2 the streets THIS all day.

+ Listen to Girls' Generation's "Cheap Creeper."

Photo credit: SM Entertainment