Betty Who, Florrie, Bright Light Bright Light + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!"

This week's roundup features Xenomania synth-pop perfection, chilled disco, and a promising kiss-off anthem by a Disney pop princess on the rise.

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1.) Betty Who, "Alone Again"

Today's the day! After breaking our hearts (in dream fashion) with her crunchy lead single, the ravishing Miss Betty Who has finally #blessed our ears with the Slow Dancing EP, the long awaited follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2013 debut EP, The Movement.

"Alone Again" is just one of the fabulous, funky, '80s-leaning synth-pop cuts from the new collection, and it plays like the best prom song you've never heard. "I'm waiting all night long for you to tell me what you need so baby we can be alone again," she coos on the dreamy, mid-tempo bop. Don't let Betty be #ForeverAlone!

+ Listen to Betty Who's "Alone Again."

2.) Bright Light Bright Light, "She Carves Her Desire"

Betty Who isn't the only one with a new EP out this week! U.K.-bred synth-popper Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas) is also returning in 2014 with his I Wish We Were Leaving EP, which includes the Elton John-assisted title track that we've been obsessed with for weeks.

"She Carves Her Desire" is another gem included in the mini-collection. It's a majestic number, as Rod's voice stretches across atmospheric electronica, tripping drum loops, and shimmering synthesizers. It's perhaps one of his most complex and epic-sounding productions to date.

+ Listen to Bright Light Bright Light's "She Carves Her Desire."

3.) Andy Caldwell, "Hold The Line" featuring Lisa Shaw

In a world of pulverizing beat drops and EDM festivals, producer/DJ Andy Caldwell has arrived with a soothingly calm, hypnotizing antidote to the club noise: "Hold The Line," a luscious slice of deep disco complemented by the lush vocals of Lisa Shaw.

"Don't forget who you are/You're the one, shining star," she assures us above a gentle, dance-floor thump. This one's perfect for those in the market for dance music with some heart and soul.

+ Watch Andy Caldwell's "Hold The Line" video featuring Lisa Shaw.

4. Florrie, "Free Falling"

Blonde beauty/Xenomania in-house drummer/pop superstar-in-waiting Florrie's been chucking out dozens of AMAZING free singles and EPs since, like, the dawn of time. And to kick things off in 2014, she's coming around with yet another release to stir up hype before her long-long-long-long-awaited debut EP, Sirens, streets.

"Free Falling" is the latest cut from the mini-set, and it's pure Xenomania at its finest: hypnotic electronica and nonsensical instructional lyrics ("Here I am, I sing the verse, sing the verse!") galore. For those who long for the era of Girls Aloud, this is a nice nod to those halcyon days.

+ Watch Florrie's "Free Falling" video.

5.) Denyse Tontz, "Use It"

When a Disney/Nickelodeon princess turns to music, WE. DROP. EVERYTHING. Denyse Tontz of "Dog With A Blog" fame, as well as Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush" (and also "All My Children"!), has just released a new single called "Use It," a self-empowerment anthem dedicated to all the naysayers.

"Tell me once again what I can't do, what I can't be, what you think of me... I'll use it!" she taunts on the sizzling, sassy pop-rock middle finger in the air. It's a fun, fizzy kiss-off -- and certainly not a bad way to generate some excitement for a debut LP. Take that, haters!

+ Watch Denyse Tontz's "Use It" lyric video.

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