Lady Gaga Gives Roseland One Flawless 'Funeral'

Lady Gaga arrives at last Roseland Ballroom show in a rose-covered taxi cab.

Gaga obvs gave Roseland the goodbye it deserves.

As the saying goes, when the good Lord closes a door, She rolls down a vintage taxi's black and red rose-covered window. Or something. In any case, that's what our Lord and Slay-vior, Lady Gaga, did as she wrapped her seven-night Roseland Ballroom residency in New York City on Monday.

Since it was also Roseland's last show ever, the "G.U.Y." singer hashtag-dubbed the event "#RoselandFuneral" on Twitter. Thankfully, Gaga soothed our mourning-related #SADZ by streaming the entire concert live online. Bai, grief!

We're digging Lady Gaga's bright green, "Joker Face" hair and macabre method of transportation, because frankly, we were a bit concerned by her (albeit flawless) 9 to FOIYNE business-casual realness last week. Stay weird, Gaga!

How do you think she's gonna arrive at each of her upcoming "artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball" tour stops? Maybe a minivan covered in candy bracelets, pacifiers, and glow sticks? (Hello, "rave"?)Maybe she'll balance-roll on top of a giant blue Koons orb? Perhaps she'll shock us all and reclaim your mom's '94 Toyota Previa, complete with Capri Sun stains on the seats? We shall see...

Photo credit: WENN