Calvin Harris' 'Summer' Video: Bikini-Clad Babes & The OTHER Kind Of Drag Race

Watch Calvin Harris' new video for "Summer."

Y u no shirtless, bb?

First, the bad news: Despite his graciously skin-tastic Instagrams as of late, Calvin Harris is NOT shirtless at any point in the video for his new, appropriately titled smash-to-be, "Summer." That being said, it's still a hot video, because it's set in the desert. Obvs.

The Emil Nava-directed clip mostly alternates between a fancy mansion and a drag race (of the non-RuPaul variety). So, while Calvin, his buddies, and a bunch of mega-babes are busy racing souped-up rides down the dusty, desert roads, still more mega-babes are posing in lingerie and bathing suits back at the estate.

Don't worry -- Calvin gets a piece of the poolside action, too. Tough life!

But once the sun goes down, the partiers turn up, and everybody reunites for one insanely palatial house party. As Stefon would say, this place has everything! Laser lights! Smoke machines! Bottles poppin'!

Watch Calvin Harris' new video for "Summer."

Sure, it's a super-fun, sexy lady-packed video to get us in the mood for summer on this dreariest of Mondays, but why no love for Calvin? Maybe his girlfriend, "I Will Never Let You Down" diva Rita Ora, put the kibosh on giving us her man's goods? Not that we'd blame her...

+ Watch Calvin Harris' "Summer" video.

Photo credit: Columbia Records / GIF: Fanpop