Wrathschild's 'Fall Into Love' Video Teaser: 30 Seconds Of Epic, Electro-Pop Slayage

Watch Wrathschild's teaser clip for their new "Fall Into Love" video.

Say hello to some legendary Wrathschildren.

We're so on the edge of our seats about the impending pop domination of electro-pop duo Wrathschild (aka Simon Curtis and Ro "Wolfy" Danishei), that we've fallen off 'em entirely and chipped a tooth. These two haven't even dropped the video for debut single "Fall Into Love" yet, and already -- their musical/emotional/dental impact!

Speaking of that clip, we've gotten our hands on a new teaser for it! As the film quality stutters in and out with static, Wolfy and Simon jump from setting to setting -- one second they're tagging hearts on torn-up city walls, the next they're planting a single rose into the sands of a beach.

Just before the drums and chanting swoop in to overwhelm your entire physical being, the teaser suddenly cuts to black. So, ummm... WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???? Considering how absolutely ethereal and other-worldly the production on the track is, we feel like the answer is LITERALLY ANYTHING.

Look for the full "Fall Into Love" clip on Friday, Apr. 11. In the meantime, we've got a grill to de-fuglify.

+ Watch Wrathschild's "Fall Into Love" video teaser.

Photo credit: Dayne Farley