Please Don’t Selfie & Drive, Ariana Grande!

Ariana Grande, that car BETTER be in park.

Here’s a question that should totally be on the driving test: If one hand is at the “10” position on the steering wheel and the other’s at “2,” which hand do you use to take a selfie, as Ariana Grande is in this Instagram photo?


OK, so it actually looks like the recently tattooed singer took this photo from the backseat of the vehicle, so PHEW. But, why? Maybe she’s like us and likes to take “Fast-Food Drive-Through: Before & After” photos? Then again, if she’s really like us, she skips the whole “After” pic thing altogether and just does this for half an hour. #TMI

Anyway, sorry to momentarily get all #MomVoice on Ariana (much like we did when Austin Mahone took that recent, hands-out-the-window car selfie), but we worry about our favorite pop stars’ safety ALL. THE. TIME.

Just last week, we woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, screaming: “ARIANA! DON’T FORGET TO BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BELT!!!!” It’s just something that someone with issues who loves Ariana does.

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Photo credit: Ariana Grande’s Instagram / GIF: E! Online

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