Selena Gomez Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Selena + Kylie = Sellie 4ever!

OK, technically Selena Gomez is keeping up with the Jenners, but why split flawlessly volumized, brunette hairs? The “Slow Down” singer shared a photo of her and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner on Instagram, which she captioned: “kylie&roses.”

Do you think that maybe Selena and Kylie (Sellie? Kylena?) hit up their local florist, bought up his entire stock, scattered the petals all over the floor, and rolled and giggled in ’em asĀ Seal’s ’90s classic “Kiss From A Rose” blasted in the background? Our brains say no, but our hearts say yes.

This tender embrace could really use some duckface.

Not to leave a sister out, Kylie shared a Sellie Instagram photo of her own, this time with a special cameo from big sis Kendall and her flawless duckface. Wait, what do we call the three of them together? Selendie? Kylenda? Cut our losses, skip to last names, and settle on Gomer? Eh, we’ll work on it.

Photo credit: Selena Gomez’s Instagram, Kylie Jenner’s Instagram