Even Nicki Minaj Is Obsessed With Her Amazing Booty

Nicki Minaj lookin' ass booty.

Nicki admires herself in the lookin' ass glass.

Even though Nicki Minaj is completely transfixed by her flawless curves in this new Instagram photo, we feel like she's still showing some restraint. I mean, if we had her magnificent booty, then we'd be smiling and pageant-waving every time we looked backwards into a mirror.

Plus, the "Lookin' Ass" rapper is totally playing it cool, giving us nothing but #BlueSteel "blank face" in the pic. At least from where Nicki's sitting, her goddess-level hawtness must be, like, NBD at this point, right? (Hopefully, she's not still thinking about losing 5 pounds because UNNECESSARY.)

Nicki's caption ("Back at it" #punz) and her leather-mommy getup seem to indicate that she's shooting more scenes for her upcoming "Senile" video with Lil Wayne and Tyga.

Maybe this booty-ful, stone-faced madame is just a new alter ego of Nicki's named Dementia, who forgets how hot she is every five seconds and must remind herself by glancing in the mirror and sharing the resulting butt selfie on Instagram? That's a "Memento" sequel we can get behind. #NailedIt

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj's Instagram