Justin Bieber Wonders 'If She's Too High Maintenance'? Go On...

Justin Bieber wonders if Selena Gomez (?) is too high maintenance.

Justin prays for answers about a "high maintenance" woman in his life.

It's finally April, and you know what that means: showers bringing flowers another cryptic sign from Justin Bieber that his epic romance with Selena Gomez might indeed be on-again!

The "Confident" singer shared a photo on Instagram with his hands folded in prayer-like repose, captioning: "Wondering if she's too high maintenance." "She," eh? Who could the Biebs possibly be referencing in front of his 15-million followers? #JudyAintTheOnlyJudge

It actually doesn't matter who he was talking about, because, as ladies ourselves, we want to share a helpful tip with Justin and, um, all of mankind. Think back to the last time you told one of us women to "Stop acting crazy!" or "Calm down!" or "Don't be so high-maintenance!" How'd that go? Not well? Huh, you don't say...

Lana Del Rey can't with Justin Bieber's "high maintenance" comment.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram / GIF: INEEDTHISFORREACTIONS's Tumblr