At Sunset's 'Back In Time' Video Will Melt You Into A Puddle Of Swoon


At Sunset's "Back In time" video will make you an official Sunsetter, we promise. 

First, let's all agree that you can NEVER have too many boy bands with accents. Now that we're simpatico, let's fawn over our latest guy-group obsession, hmmm? Meet Australian trio At Sunset, whose "Back In Time" video has melted us down into a puddle of liquid swoon.

Brothers Harrison and Andrew Kantaraias and the equally handsome Tom Williams have already conquered the land of Oz with their original tunes, which mesh anthem-rock-pop vibes. (Think Fall Out Boy's edge mixed with Rixton's charm.) Now, the guys are ready to bless the states with their first full EP, Back In Time, which officially drops on Apr. 29.

The video for "Back In Time" offers everything you'd want in a proper boy band meeting: live performance footage so you can properly fangirl, a lyrical guide for easy fanatical memorization, and a plethora of close-ups on the guys' flawless mugs. It's like they made the video knowing that we'd pause it every three seconds to study the perfection that is their hair!

If all these expertly framed shots of their facial gorgeousness doesn't make you melt, then maybe the sight of the guys playing guitar will do the trick? Trick question: IT WILL.

So, just to reiterate: sexy Aussie accents, great hair, AND GUITAR PLAYING. Go ahead and start calling yourself a "Sunsetter" anytime now.

+ Watch At Sunset's "Back In Time" music video.

Photo credit: Upstream Music Group