Lady Gaga’s Lookin’ Pretty 9 To FOIYNE In NYC

Is this Lady Gaga’s attempt at normcore?

Hold up, did Lady Gaga quit The Fame the fame game and get herself a regular office job? Like, maybe conquering those CEOs in her “G.U.Y.” video awakened some inner calling for collating copies and business casual?!

OK, so in between performing at Roseland Ballroom and planning the upcoming “artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball” tour, there’s no way that Gaga could’ve gotten a nine-to-five. Still, look at that briefcase, blazer, and coffee mug combo she’s rocking on the streets of New York City! We know what someone’s eating for lunch.

Anyway, whether she’s a CEO or CYO (that’s Chief YAAAS Officer, duh), we’re all about celebrating everything Goddess of Love-related. That’s why today’s Lady Gaga Day here at MTV! Sure, it’s not a federally recognized holiday yet, but that’s nothing a few hundred-thousand signatures on a petition couldn’t fix…

+ Happy Lady Gaga Day! Get an exclusive tour of Lady Gaga’s apartment, and catch more Gaga clips on MTV and all day.

Photo Credit: Splash News / GIF: Pinterest

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