Lana Del Rey Confirms 'West Coast' Single, Facial Flawlessness With New Selfie

Check out Lana Del Rey's "West Coast" selfie on Instagram.

Can we get a Lana Del Rey Instagram filter, PLEASE?!

GAH!!!! Instagram, are you broken? We can't find the "Lana Del Rey Flawlessness" filter that makes our skin look like it's been exfoliated with 400-karat diamonds. TECH SUPPORT, PLZ.

Wait, you mean the "Young And Beautiful" singer achieves those stunning selfies all on her own, and there's no filter on the planet that will ever help us exude such levels of illuminating brilliance? Oh, cool. This must be what summertime springtime sadness feels like.

Guess we can't be mad at Lana -- it's not like she uploaded this selfie onto Instagram to remind us that we need to need to begin a 78-year juice cleanse, like, yesterday. Judging by the "West Coast" caption, it seems like the sultry songstress' photo is a nod to the lead Ultraviolence single, which she just announced on Thursday night.

If "West Coast" ends up sounding anything like this picture, it's going to be like listening to a shimmery rainbow touch down in a pool of twinkling Swarovski crystals, causing 'em to suddenly explode in a crescendo of glittering nebulae... You know, whatever that sounds like.

Photo Credit: Lana Del Rey's Instagram