Did Justin Bieber Impale Himself On A Tree?!

Justin Bieber skateboarding/impaling himself

How'd that get staked through your chest, JB?!

Anyone else feeling a searing pang in their chest? We're definitely getting some curious sympathy pains right now, because this photo of Justin Bieber apparently getting impaled on a tree is giving us ALL THE SHUDDERS.


Er, wait... It just looks like this grey trunk is going straight through Justin's incredibly well-defined torso while he's midway through pulling a trick on the half-pipe. Turns out he was just skateboarding and shooting hoops with new studio collaborator Austin Mahone (!) in Miami. Our bad! Phew though, right?

We don't want to live in a world where the "Confident" singer's only duet partner is some big ol' hunk o' wood protruding from his chest. I mean, it would really get in the way of kissing that hot model from his videos and, um, dancing all intimately with reportedly on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. (Oh, well in that case...)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News / GIF: westsydneyfootball.com