Katy Perry Wins #TBT With 'Birthday' Cover Art

Katy Perry's "Birthday" cover art

Sorry, Katy Perry, but Angela's bangs are the real star here.

Anyone else jonesing for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese after seeing #covermoment queen Katy Perry's new #TBT-inspired "Birthday" cover art? (We know there were no plaid booths at our childhood party heaven, but it's Throwback Thursday and, um, CAKE.) It feels like we just unearthed some amazing, early-'90s time capsule -- or maybe just took a nap in the kids' section of Goodwill. Happens.

While the Perry family photo has Katy and sister Angela rocking massive satin bows and their best Laura Ashley, the real star here is Angela's curled, side-swept bangs. (Honorable mention goes to mama Mary Perry's en pointe shoulder pads.) We used to spend hours with our hot-pink curling iron trying to achieve that perfect rotini effect to no avail.

We know Katy gives good face, but Angela's priceless chin-rest pose is making us wonder if Ang doesn't have a career in retro hair modeling. C'mon, Katy, tweet 'em if you've got 'em!

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Photo credit: Capitol