Betty Who's 'Heartbreak Dream' Video: To Infinity & Beyonce Selfies

Watch Betty Who's new "Heartbreak Dream" video.

Somehow, Betty's selfie with Beyoncé isn't even the best part of the clip.

Although Betty Who's "Somebody Loves You" went viral last year faster than a "Real Housewives" reaction GIF thanks to that epic, choreographed Home Depot proposal video, the singer-songwriter's still playing catch-up to the breakout song. If there is a God, though, then the Aussie's "Heartbreak Dream" video will go along way in fixing the listening public's TBH mortal sin.

While we're on the subject of deities, Beysus Beyoncé herself even makes a cameo in the Kenny Laubbacher-directed clip! Well, sort of. To be fair, the "Partition" singer's likeness is plastered on a wall behind Betty (the perfect place to snap a bunch of selfies), but we'll take all the Bey that we can get.

Throughout the rest of "Heartbreak Dream," we mostly see Miss Who performing the track for a live audience, channeling her inner Madonna in "Everybody" as she skips and hops along the stage in time with her band. Speaking of throwbacks, is this track giving anyone else hints of Wilson Phillips' "Hold On"? Needless to say, we approve.

It might not have the same ring, but we have a good feeling that Betty Who might have to change her stage name to "Betty YOU KNOW WHO" sometime in the near future. Fine, we'll workshop it, but you get the point.

+ Watch Betty Who's "Heartbreak Dream" video.

Photo credit: RCA Records