Solving The Mystery Of Nicki Minaj’s New, Interchangeable Selfie Face

Nicki presents the latest advances in human emotion.

Anyone else notice a recent trend in Nicki Minaj’s Instagram photos? Over the past few weeks, the “Lookin’ Ass” rapper’s selfies have taken a turn for the non-emoting neutral-face. Obviously, she still looks stunning and all (HDU), but we’re used to seeing Nicki be a little more…

…expressive? IDK, maybe it’s all part of Nicki’s new stripped-down look — no more costumes, no more colors, no more crazy faces? Did she change up the emotional game, too? Is simple the new OTT? Is this related to normcore?? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN. #EternalTruther

While we wait for answers, let’s get acquainted with Nicki’s new range of go-to selfie faces, and try to infer which emotion each one might possibly be channeling.

Happy, as in: “Lol, I’m Nicki Minaj. WHY WOULDN’T I BE THRILLED.”

Distraught, as in: “Do I need to flawlessly break down gendered double standards for you peasants again?

Impressed, as in: “Did you see that queen impersonate me on ’RuPaul’s Drag Race’? Not bad!”

Scheming, as in: “Just you wait, Barbz. My next set of shower photos are right around the corner…”

Wistful, as in: “’Member that time I challenged Rihanna to a duckface duel? Gewd times.”

Confused, as in: “Wait, you saw those flawless photos of my butt, and you’re still breathing? Huh? How?!”

Hungry, as in: “Ummmm, anybody got any boob cake?” #HungryIsAnEmotion

Angry, as in: “Stop stalking my Instagram.”

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram / GIFs: nickiminajgifs, nickimlnaj, nickiminajgifs

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