How To Dress Well's 'Repeat Pleasure' Is Aptly Titled And Giving Us Chills

Listen to How To Dress Well's new song, "Repeat Pleasure."

How To Dress Well's new song is definitely a departure from the past.

We're well acquainted with How To Dress Well's ability to slow things down and feel the pain over ambient ballads -- most recently on the heartbreaking "Words I Don't Remember." On "Repeat Pleasure," the second cut from his upcoming third studio album, "What Is This Heart?," Tom Krell comes dangerously close to breaking all the way out of his gentle, disquieting cocoon.

We like where this is going. (A man can only live on slow jams for so long, right?) Instead of relying on his versatile falsetto and sparse soundscapes, H2DW brings the track to life with hand-clap percussion, layered backing tracks, and a reverb-riffing guitar line that wouldn't sound out of place on something by The xx.

Despite the richer feel, Krell's vocals are still the star. "Even broken my heart will go on," he sings, unleashing the full force of his powerful upper register as the song builds to an agitated climax. The lyric has us thinking Céline Dion, but the delivery is classic Michael Jackson.

He may be singing about pleasure -- or the loss of it -- but it sounds like it feels really good to unload. Don't stop 'til you get enough, you know?

+ Listen to How To Dress Well's "Repeat Pleasure."

Photo credit: How To Dress Well

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