Watch Austin Mahone Craft New Music, Up His Pickup Game In New '#TourLife' Teaser

Watch Austin Mahone's "#TourLife" diary part three sneak peek video.

Find out what Austin's working on in the video below!

You know how Austin Mahone's word-fumbling flirting game in "MMM Yeah" could totally use a little work, TBQH? (What, he can't rest on that pretty face forever! OK, fine, he probably can.) Well thankfully, according to this new teaser for the next episode of his "#TourLife" series, he's moved on to bigger and better pickup lines.

OK, so normally if someone volleyed that whole "Girl, are you from Tennessee? 'Cause you're the only 10 I see!" cliché at us, we'd be like MTV programming in the mid-2000s -- that is to say, "NEXT!" But, when My Little Mahomie™ says it? Literally:

Watch Austin Mahone's "#TourLife" diary part three sneak peek video.

Also in this tour diary sneak peek, we see Austin prank his fellow busmates and get to work writing lyrics to a new song. Could it possibly be that fabled "new music" he's working on with Justin Bieber?!?! The world waits with bated breath.

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Photo credit: MTV / GIF: Omona They Didn't