Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart & Deviled Eggs: A Love Story

Lady Gaga and Martha Stewart hung out backstage at "The Late Show With David Letterman."

The Goddess of Living meets the Goddess of Love, and BAI. We're dead.

You're probably looking at this photo of Lady Gaga with her arm wrapped around Martha Stewart and wondering what fresh miracle caused this unlikely but totally "YAAAS"-worthy union.

Well, as the "G.U.Y." singer explained on Twitter: "And um this happened today. Who knows why. She had deviled eggs and sequined crop pants." OK, not so helpful.

Turns out that the two kicked it last night before Gaga kidnapped David Letterman's "Late Show" audience for a surprise performance, and -- wait. Did she say deviled eggs? What KIND of deviled eggs? Was there smoked paprika involved? Chives?? WE WANT DETAILS.

Um, also? That D.I.Y. studded seashell bra kinda make us think that the 28-year-old singer should collaborate on a line of Kmart crafts with Martha. Wait, but does glitter stick to raw meat? Does barf stick to pine cones?

Whatever, we'll just take the deviled egg recipe.

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Photo credit: @LadyGaga