These 5 Joe Jonas Scene Mag Photos Are A Firm Reminder Of His Commitment To Being Foiyne


It's OK to want to wallpaper your home with Joe Jonas' Scene magazine cover photo. We are.

Did you hear that Joe Jonas is running for president on the Perfection Party ticket, and these photos are actually part of his campaign?

Kidding! (Ha, we literally know almost nothing about politics, but we're smart enough to hang out with our much wiser friends at MTV Act, who thankfully can explain it all.) They're from Joe Jonas' cover story in the April issue of Scene magazine, but don't act like you wouldn't vote the hottest Uber driver ever in to a totally made-up political office to unite this country with his unilateral approach to making America an overall FOIYNER place. Because that's how democracy works, right? (See? Toldja we know zero about politics. We're working on it, though. If by "working on it" you mean re-watching the 1999 political thriller "Dick" starring Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst and taking detailed notes. Because that's happening.)

All jokes aside (because it's serious time when we talk about hotness), Joe's Scene spread contains not only multiple photos of Joe killing us softly with his fine, but, for those of you who like to read wordies (LOL, what are "words"?) instead of just looking at pretty pictures, it also includes a detailed article that dives into Joe's life after the Jonas Brothers. SPOILER ALERT: there's mention of a new solo album!

So please, RSVP right this very second if you'd like to attend my fangirl celebration over Joe's cover/spread/new album news, because my party is gonna EPIC. Just kidding! It's just gonna be me screaming in multiple excited octaves while eating taquitos and singing "The First Time" and "Pom Poms."

Check out Joe Jonas' Scene magazine photos below!

JOE scene cover 3.51

joe_jonas_scene6 joe_jonas_scene12

JOE scene 4.51

Photo credit: Easton Schirra/ Scene