Justin Bieber & Austin Mahone Making 'New Music,' Commence Screaming

Justin Bieber, Birdman, Austin Mahone, and Mack Mayne hit the studio together.

Stop, collaborate, and listen: Justin and Austin were in the studio together

Beliebers and Mahomies, are you sitting? If you're not, head to the nearest fainting couch or cushioned surface, because what we're about to tell you might cause you to spontaneously lose consciousness. It looks like Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone might be COLLABORATING ON NEW MUSIC.

The "Confident" singer shared a photo on Instagram of him standing next to Mack Maine, Cash Money co-founder Birdman, and the “MMM Yeah” crooner in a recording studio, which he captioned: "New music #YMCMB." New music? New music?!?!





Now that we have our hopes up, it would be really awesome if the Prince of Smoldering Swag and the Earl of Shirtless Selfies could just drop, like, more details about this studio sesh? Preferably visual ones? Without shirts? #PlzThxBai #Jaustin4Ever

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram / GIF: Kaloozy's Tumblr, GIF Garden's Tumblr, What Should Betches Call Me's Tumblr, What Should My Roomies Call Me's Tumblr